Covid-19 created a huge financial challenge for the Whitworth; one which caused us to approach the community for support.  We are very grateful to the 400 people who have helped us to achieve over £16,000 of our target of £20,000 via crowd funding.  Thank-you to everyone who has supported us so far. 

The Trustees have taken on the challenge to find grants and donations and have secured grants totaling £17,500.  We have also received separate cash donations of a further £17,500.   The outlook changes daily and we have many more months to negotiate, but we are making daily progress in solving our financial challenge changes also.  We still have a significant gap to overcome, however.

We will continue to follow Government guidance and only start to re-open facilities when we are confident of our ability to keep people as safe as possible.  While this is the right thing to do we are concerned about how long the Centre will continue without income and how long it will take to return to normal.

The park remains open for the present, in line with current Government advice and we ask that visitors strictly respect social distancing measures and do not attempt to use any of the playground equipment. If the park is used sensibly by us all, we will be able to keep it open.

Please continue to help by supporting us with a financial contribution at our Crowd-funding page

Your help has already made a real difference and any further help will be invaluable, given that the Whitworth will play a big part in bringing people together again when we are able to. Thank-you again.

The Board of Trustees