Annual Parking Permit

We are offering an annual parking permit which will permit a vehicle to park at the Centre for a full year for a single up-front payment of £50

Your car registration will be logged into the camera system for the period for which your permit is valid.  For those that use the Centre weekly, this offers parking at less than £1 per week.

We will send you a permit to keep in your car to remind you when the permit expires, but the camera system will automatically recognise that your car has a permit by your registration number. Note that permit is linked to a specific vehicle and is not transferable,

If however you change your vehicle during the year, then you can contact us to give the new registration and date of change and we can make that change for you, for a maximum of one occurrence in the year.

A request in customer feedback to surveys during the latter part of 2019 was for the Trustees of the Whitworth to consider a Parking Permit offering a reduced annual cost for frequent visitors to the Centre using our on-site parking.  The introduction of paid parking was a key decision to protect the charity’s finances and we have listened to the feedback of our customers and the wider community in creating this scheme.

If you wish to purchase an annual parking permit then you can do so in the following ways:

  • Online in our shop here
  • Contact us via email
  • Telephone us in the Centre Office and give your details and pay by card
  • Respond via private message to us on Facebook
  • Write to us at the Whitworth Centre giving us your correspondence details, car registration and make and model enclosing a cheque for £50.

The Permit will be confirmed set up only when you receive your pass from the Centre Office.

Please do not visit the Centre Office in person at present due to covid restrictions.