The Whitworth Park is private although we do welcome the general public.

We want you to enjoy your time and activity in the park

Permission needs to be sought if you wish to host any event within its grounds Contact us here.

Please respect the facilities and other park users

Please place your litter in the bins provided or take it home

Please comply with signs and formal notices

Please do not cause annoyance, offence, alarm or distress to any other user

Please do not do anything that might potentially cause damage

Please do not remove any artefact or plant

It is prohibited to stay in the park over night

Please refrain from obstructing any gateways or other entry

Respect our water ways and do not dam, or obstruct

No person shall carry or discharge any firework, Chinese lantern, firearm or other weapon

No person shall bring into, or leave any substance or article likely to cause injury or damage to any person, animal or property

No person shall attach notices or memorabilia on fences, trees, gates

No person shall light a fire or barbecue or do any other thing likely to cause a fire, without written permission

Pets owners are reminded they are responsible for their animals conduct and the need to be controlled

Owners are responsible for cleaning fowling by their pets   

Glossary of rules regarding park access

Unauthorised erection of structures

No person shall without consent erect any barrier, post, ride or swing, building or any other structure.

Protection of wildlife

No person shall kill, injure, take or disturb any animal, or engage in hunting or shooting, or the setting of traps or nets or the laying of snares.


No person shall leave open any gate which he/she has opened or caused to be opened.

Protection of structures and plants

No person shall remove from or displace within the ground: any barrier, post, seat or implement, or any part of a structure or ornament provided for use in laying out or maintenance of the ground; or any stone, soil or turf or the whole or any part of any plant, shrub or tree.

Protection of the ground, its wildlife and the public

No person shall without consent, erect a tent or use a vehicle, caravan or any other structure for the purpose of camping. no person shall ride a horse in such a manner as to cause danger to any other person.


No person shall without reasonable excuse ride a cycle in the ground that interferes or obstructs other users. No racing on cycles is permitted without prior consent and permission.

Motor vehicles.

No person shall without express permission drive in the ground a motor cycle, motor vehicle or Overnight parking. No person shall without the consent of the Whitworth leave or cause or permit to be left any motor cycle, motor vehicle or trailer in the ground over night

Children’s play area.

Parents and carers are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children at all times. Refrain from entering a designated area which is a children's play area unless bona fide in charge of a child or vulnerable person. Play areas are for children under supervision by parents or careers or with their express permission. Some Children’s play apparatus is age appropriate please respect this.


No person shall skate, slide or ride on rollers, skateboards or other self-propelled vehicles except in a designated area for such activities.

Ball games. (Excludes clubs with formal agreements) No person shall play ball games that obstruct or interfere with other users or interfere with Fauna and Wildlife or create a danger or annoyance for other park users.

No person shall engage in any sport that may constitute the throwing/shooting of apparatus such as Arrows javelin, hammer, discus or shot. Golf, no person shall drive, chip or pitch a hard golf ball.

Lakes and ponds.

No person shall bathe or swim in any waterway. No person shall step or place their weight upon any frozen waterway. Model boats are not permitted without expressed permission and at your own risk. No person shall sail or operate any boat, dinghy, canoe, sailboard or inflatable on any waterway without the consent of the Whitworth


No person shall in any waterway cast a net or line for the purpose of catching fish or other animals except after seeking permission and license (subject to rules and restrictions). No person shall foul or pollute any waterway.  No person shall cause or permit the flow of any drain or watercourse in the ground to be obstructed or diverted, or open, shut or otherwise move or operate any sluice or similar apparatus

model aircraft and drones.

Drones and model are to be flown in such a manner as not to cause danger or interference to others and exclude engines powered by combustible fuels.


No person shall without the consent of the Whitworth provide or offer to provide any service for which a charge is made.

Excessive noise.

No person shall, after being requested to desist by any other person in the grounds, continue shouting or singing, playing on a musical instrument or operating any radio, amplifier, or similar device, as to give reasonable cause for annoyance to other persons in the ground.

Public shows and performances

No person shall without the consent of the Whitworth hold or take part in any public show or performance.


No person shall fly any kite in such a manner as to cause danger or give reasonable grounds for annoyance to any other person.

Metal detectors.

No person shall without the consent of the Whitworth use any device designed or adapted for detecting or locating any metal or mineral in the ground.


No person shall, obstruct any officer of the Whitworth in the proper execution of his/her duties, obstruct any person carrying out an act which is necessary to the execution of any contract with the Whitworth or obstruct any other person in the proper use of the ground.

Rules for playing ball games in the Whitworth  

Any person using a designated area for playing ball games must comply with the following rules: (1) No person shall play any game other than those ball games for which the area has been set aside. (2) No person shall obstruct any other person who is playing in accordance with these rules. (3) Where exclusive use has been granted to a person or group of persons by the Whitworth for a specified period, no other person shall play during that period.