Champagne Quiz – Whitworth at 130

On Wednesday 6th January 2021 The Whitworth becomes 130 years old. We plan to celebrate this incredible milestone later in the year. In the meantime we are delighted to present The Whitworth Champagne Quiz. All you need to do is correctly answer the questions below. Once answered please email them into If you get all of them all correct you will be entered into a draw. The lucky winner will get a bottle of Taittenger Champagne (should the winner be under 18 they will win a prize from Cadburys). All the answers can be found at Closing Date: 31st January 2021. Good Luck!


Q1) Where was Lady Whitworth the evening Whitworth Institute was opened?

Q2) Where do the portraits of Sir Joseph and Lady Mary Whitworth hang today?

Q3) According to the Derbyshire Times on 10th January 1891 which room was the ‘Tea’ held on opening night?

Q4) Along with the planned café, what else was not built on opening night but was completed later?

Q5) Lady Whitworth sent a letter for opening day from her location. On which date was it she was thought to have sent it?